Darrell Morgan

High Performance Specialist

Darrell is a passionate Physical Performance Coach who uses his prior experience as an athlete at the national level and as a coach to more closely understand what his clients are going through and how best to improve their performance in their specific sport.

A strong believer in quality of movement, much emphasis is placed on ensuring that the training you’re doing transfers directly through to in-game results.

Darrell is currently working with the Perth Lynx (WNBL) but has been involved with numerous sports and clubs.

Nathan Beisley

High Performance Specialist

Nathan is a detail oriented high performance specialist. He has experience both as a semi professional athlete himself, and works with athletes at a national and international level. He draws on those experiences and the latest in scientific research to guide his clients in the best possible direction to achieve their goals and perform at the highest level.

Nathan is currently working with the Cockburn Cougars SBL and WSBL team but has been involved with the Perth Lynx and numerous different sports.

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